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To set up a new customer account please click the PDF link below for the New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut application. Please clearly fill out all applicable parts of the application and sign. To pay for future orders by company check please have your bank fill out and submit our "Bank Inquiry form" by fax (718) 458-3228. You can always pay with cash or certified check. Once our Accounting Department receives an acceptable Bank Inquiry form your account terms will be changed to C.O.D. (Check on Delivery). The Resale Certificate or Tax Exemption Form must be filled out and submitted to avoid being charged tax. Once you have completed the application please fax to us at (718) 458-3164 or email us at j.yavlonski@faunafoods.com.

Processing new accounts usually requires 3-5 business days. While processing your application, the Account Manager for your area will contact you to schedule a visit to your business to go over our product portfolio, special promotions, pricing and assist with the preparation of your first order. When your account has been processed and opened, you will receive an email notification. The email notification will contain your account details including account number, online account login and password, and your assigned delivery date. All new accounts have a minimum purchasing requirement of $450.00 and payment must be made with cash or certified check (bank check or money orders are accepted).

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question you may have at: (718) 458-2900.


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